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Jasmine Morgenstern
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
“I wanted only to try to live in accordance with the promptings that came from my true self.
              Why was that so very difficult?"

                        --Hermann Hesse, Demian

Comics and art and computers and robots and maths and spiders and cats and Daleks and other such awesome shit.

Inspirational Music
Akira Yamaoka; Aphex Twin; Autechre; B12; BATTLES; The Beatles; Biosphere; Björk; The Black Dog; Boards of Canada; The Chemical Brothers; Current 93; Cylob; Daft Punk; Four Tet; The Future Sound of London; Geinoh Yamashirogumi; Global Communication; Gorillaz; Higher Intelligence Agency; Hole; I Monster; The Irresistible Force; J. A. Ceaser; Jonathan Coulton; Juno Reactor; Kenji Kawai; Kraftwerk; LFO; Masaki Kurihara; Massive Attack; Moby; Morcheeba; Nick Cave; Nobuo Uematsu; The Orb; Orbital; PJ Harvey; Plaid; Portishead; Roni Size; Sagisu Shiro; Sainkho Namtchylak; Seefeel; The Smashing Pumpkins; Solar Fields; Squarepusher; The Symphony of Science; System 7; Tenjo Sajiki; Tetsu Inoue; The Third Eye Foundation; Wagon Christ; Wendy Carlos; Yoko Kanno; Yoko Ono; µ-Ziq; 65daysofstatic

FSc, Chris Cunningham, Jim Mahfood, Hiroaki Samura, Kouta Hirano, Peter Chung, Jamie Hewlett, Ian McConville, Bill Watterson, Shirow Masamune, Humberto Ramos, Art Spiegelman, Stephen Gammell, Hieronymus Bosch, Arthur Rackham, MC Escher, Frida Kahlo, Julie Heffernan, Edvard Munch, Yayoi Kusama, William Blake, Louis Wain, René Magritte, Hiromu Arakawa, Junji Ito

Weapons of Choice
Photoshop, Painter, Sketchbook Express, Penny the Wacom Tablet

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 8:52 PM
I don't really have a dA story, but dA has been integral in my growth as an artist, more or less.  It's really gave me a community to promote my art and network and that, though other people have already written essays on dA about this, so I don't want to write an essay here.

But I got this account in 2007, then quit art in '08 because of terrible things in real life.  Then I came back in '09 determined to improve and start making comics. 

Here are a few pictures that display my growth as an artist, oh ja.  (Five just wasn't enough, sorry.)

Tender Sugar by godlessmachine Weapon of Choice by godlessmachine Can't Seem to Make You Mine by godlessmachine Another Grey Day by godlessmachine Hunter by godlessmachine A Crow Left of the Murder by godlessmachine
Spider by godlessmachine Rain by godlessmachine Doctor and Raven by godlessmachine morning by godlessmachine An Ill Omen by godlessmachine  Alien Girl/Headphones iii by godlessmachine
At the Zeppelin Port by godlessmachine Immaculate by godlessmachine Gaming by godlessmachine Satyress by godlessmachine Conversations by godlessmachine Headphones iv  (with Finn and Jake) by godlessmachine

I picked three for each year. 

To summarize:
2009: I started actually trying to develop my craft.
2010: I left behind my childish beginnings and began to grow.  I started to find my voice and style.  This was also when I started exploring my synesthesia.
2011: Took an art class, which resulted in taking a level in bad-ass.
2012: Kept going forward, experimenting and that.  I was really dissatisfied with my work for most of this year, though I like a lot of it now.
2013: More experiments, more boundary pushing.  This was the year that I discovered my love for weird tentacle-armed women with big eyes.
2014: This year I've been working really hard to get better, and so far it's been good, more or less.

Also, I've recently started a comic about Space Aliens.  It will be up on the web later this year, unless I break my hand or something.

(Sorry if this seems vain, I just really needed to do this.)

  • Listening to: Higher Intelligence Agency: Colourform
  • Reading: Judge Dredd
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Playing: Bravely Default
  • Drinking: Tea

Could you shoot a penguin? 

78 deviants said No! They're so cute!
54 deviants said ...What?
19 deviants said Yes. It's just like shooting a little butler.


Aphex Twin Stamp by The-Pixelsmith Science by stampystampy Engineering Artist - Stamp by sveiki
TOS Science Officer Stamp by Svenly The cake is a lie. by Hossinfeffa I love Math by HippieOtter
Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by F1yMordecai i love tea. by Sadiya
Steampunk Stamp FTW :3 by Ipnorospo Yoko Kanno stamp by godlessmachine Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser
- I Listen To Electronica - by AbXorb Okami Stamp by ByoWT1125 Ginger Appreciation Stamp by MintyMaguire
Boards of Canada Stamp by NickDoleMailBox [Stamp] Math by Creepiest Sushi Love Stamp by chikaex0tica
Watchmen Stamp by CrystalCurtis British Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Data Love by Ccarcia3stamps
Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Hello, my name is.. by cfryant Heart Music by AlexSatriani
Grrl Scouts Stamp by godlessmachine La La Love Stamp by Mirz123 Stamp - Zelda by ilaaaria
Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Excuse me, Princess - Stamp by isthatashallot Groovin' Wall-E by azianwolfdoll
Ninja Tuna - Guardian of the Jazzy Seas by NorthboundFox 'science' stamp by streamline69 Wall-Eve by azianwolfdoll
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Tea Stamp by Kawiku I support Tachikoma by LastAnarchy Heian Jidai Stamp by Hanami-Mai
Outer Space Stamp 5 by Brainmatters [Stamp] Science by Creepiest I Support Daleks by IrrevocableFate
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GITS by skinnyveestamp Cyberpunk: Green by skinnyveestamp Cat by OlegVRK
Stay Creative by TheCameraGirl Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Legend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666
Katamari Stamp by stampsbyjesper Finn stamp by DASHley37 lsd dream emulator stamp o1 by Digest
Synesthesia stamp by Kairi96-Z Hal Stamp by Meredies



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